Powderbark Clancy

2010Powderbark Clancy
Breed: Connemara Pony
Height: 14.0hh (est.)
Colour: Grey (Black)
Sire: Glenormiston Fibber McGee
Dam: Glenormiston Adare
Registration: CPBSA 4(1)209

Clancy was born completely black which is a sharp contrast to his mother, Adare, who is now completely white.  Clancy likes people and enjoys playing with his friends and relations.  He will be an excellent riding and games gelding in the future.  He has been recruited by Anibel and Molly to join them in mischief-making, and his latest trick has been to climb through the fence with Molly, hoon around the decking of our house playing chasey with her at 3am(!), and then put himself back into the paddock once the game is over.  In the morning, he and Molly look at us innocently with “who, me?” faces.  But we’re on to you…!