Powderbark Jasmine

2013 Welsh Cob filly
Trapalanda Downs Laud Nelson x Trapalanda Downs Clementine
(SOD Derwen Dakota IMP)
14hh (est.) – Bay
Registered WPCSA FS1-2729; DA Pending; eligible APSB

Jasmine is an attractive, rich bay Welsh Cob filly with symmetrical white markings. She is about to be started under saddle and will be available once she has finished her training and has been ridden on at home.

Jasmine is a gentle mare who likes to do her best. She holds her condition well and is easy to handle, and has been shown in-hand with success. Jasmine will be a useful all round ridden pony and would also be highly suited as a harness pony. We estimate that she will mature at about 14hh.

Jasmine as a foal: