Petunia & The Propagandas (The Geese)

Update Feb 2012:  Our geese are now guards for a neighbour’s property, and from all reports, are loving their new home especially the running stream!

Our first two geese came to us as day old balls of fluff, and as they grew we assumed we had a goose and a gander so they were named Petunia, after a picture book goose, and Propergander, after an exam paper about media propaganda from a student who couldn’t spell!

However, when both laid eggs, we renamed Propergander Notta (ie, not a proper gander).   Sadly Notta was taken by a fox.  Then we acquired some fertile goose eggs for Petunia to hatch and the resulting two goslings we assumed were also geese, so we named them Lucy, after Goosey Loosey in the story about Henny Penny and the sky falling in, and Samantha, after the entertaining goose in the movie, Friendly Persuasion.

When Petunia successfully hatched a clutch of five goslings we realised that Lucy and Samantha were really Luke and Sam, known as the “Propagandas”. So far we haven’t attempted to name the goslings!

The geese keep an eye on all the events here at Powderbark Stud and work with Bear, the maremma sheepdog, to keep us informed of intruders and visitors.

"No one is getting my eggs!"

Petunia in 'her' pond (aka the aircon runoff!)