Our breeding stallions have superb, equable, trainable temperaments and we expect them to perform in a range of disciplines: under saddle, in harness, and in hand. We have a maximum of two stallions standing at the stud at any one time.

In addition to live cover by the stallions who live here full time, we also use AI to extend our breeding opportunities. We have previously leased a stallion for breeding and we have collected semen from several stallions we have gelded. This allows us to provide our mares with a range of appropriate sires.

Glenormiston Dundrum and Sternbergs Lenaro (IMP Ger) are currently the stallions standing at our stud. They are normally available for breeding through live cover, chilled semen and frozen semen, however due to freight delays and limited transport options from WA because of COVID-19, we are not offering chilled or frozen AI until further notice. Live cover is by negotiation only and priority is given to purebred Connemara mares. Please contact us for a copy of our breeding contract or for further information.

We have frozen semen retained from Glenormiston Fibber McGee, Powderbark Cavanagh and Powderbark Hazy Julemand, who were previous stallions at our stud. Tralee Little Piper, who was leased to us for two years for breeding, and his son, Powderbark Charlie Brown, were also previous stallions at our stud.

From time to time we run on a promising colt as a potential stallion and we are currently running on Powderbark Shillelagh.