Sternbergs Lenaro (IMP)

2012 Connemara Pony Stallion
(Northern Hemisphere 2013 Season)
El Larry II x Lena
(SOD Diamond Rum (Diamonds Dandy))
14.2 hh
Bay (EE, AA, nn, gg)
HWSD Status: N/N
Registered Bayern HB 1 DE4848400558712; APSB 79247C Vol 26; CPBSA 255; EA 60005098

Lenaro is an elegant stallion who is a huge asset to our stud. We were very pleased to be given the offer to buy him by the Newton family, who imported him from Germany. Lenaro is a credit to his breeders and trainers, being well mannered and professionally trained with a relaxed, kind temperament. He is very reliable under saddle for both adults and children.
Since Lenaro arrived at Powderbark Stud (January 2019), he has happily and successfully attended Adult Riding Club rallies, breed shows, eventing and showjumping clinics and endurance rides. He enjoys running with his mares and his favourites are the mother and daughter, Powderbark Aoife and Powderbark Peppermint Patty.
We have discovered that Lenaro has a special talent for undoing the clips on his lead ropes so he has his own special tie-up arrangement to keep him secure. He also has a taste for figs so we have to keep him in another paddock when the fig tree is fruiting to make sure he doesn’t lean over the fence and eat the lot!


Lenaro’s Progeny (for Powderbark Stud)


•Powderbark Leonora (AI), 2016 filly out of Glenormiston Hazy Aurora
•Powderbark Ruairi (AI), 2018 colt out of Glenormiston Hazy Aurora
•Powderbark Sinead, 2019 filly out of Powderbark Aoife
•Powderbark Tully, 2019 filly out of Glenormiston Stormcloud
•Powderbark Sine, 2020 partbred filly out of Powderbark Dior