Pentland Copperboy

2015 Shetland Pony Gelding
Pentland Molassas x Pentland Copperdust
(SOD Pentland)
10 hh – Bay Pinto
Registered APSB

Copperboy, or “Bill” as he is called, was acquired by the stud to be a companion pony for our Connemaras as needed. He is small enough to share a stable with them but athletic enough to cope with a group of Connemaras playing in the paddock.

Bill floats with ponies to the vet and to shows, helps teach the babies how to lead and happily changes paddocks to live mares, stallions or youngsters as required.

As well as a companion, Bill is successful in hand at breed shows and will be trained to be a lead line pony under saddle and a harness pony.