Powderbark Donovan

2019 Partbred Connemara (75%) Gelding
Glenormiston Dundrum x Powderbark Sylvia
(SOD Powderbark Cavanagh)
14 hh (est.)
Bay Silver
HWSD Status: Not applicable however Sire & Grand Sire both N/N
Registered APSB 79708PC; DA pending


Price as a 2yo: $4,400 (incl. GST)– available late 2021

Donovan is a very attractive gelding with his eye-catching bay silver colour, inherited from his heritage horse background, and his symmetrical white markings. He loves people, is easy to handle and train, and takes a strong interest in his surroundings. He will be competitive in the breed show ring under both his part-bred Connemara and Dilute registrations with his correct conformation and free, forward movement. He has excellent potential as an all-round pony and will suit a Pony Club family or an older rider coming back to riding after a break.
Donovan will be available to purchase once he turns 2 years old, towards the end of 2021.

Donovan at 5 months old:

Donovan at 6 weeks old:

Donovan at 2 weeks old:

Donovan at 3 days old: