Powderbark Rosina

83327477 Perth+Royal+Show+ +Monday+30th+September+2019 04494 email Powderbark Rosina

2014 Connemara x Irish Sporthorse Filly
Glenormiston Fibber McGee x Rubyleigh Irish Rose ISH
(SOD Tallyman ISH)
15hh (est.) – Grey (from Bay)
Registered CPBSA 4(2) 244; APSB 52316; IDSHS 03601002F140560 PR ISH

Rosina is an attractive, friendly grey filly with excellent potential in any discipline involving jumping, such as showjumping and eventing. She has correct, fluid paces and is forward and bold. We expect her to mature around 15hh. She has been foal recorded with the Irish Draft and Sporthorse Society of Australia, and will be ready to be inspected/branded on their next inspection tour.

83084535 Perth+Royal+Show+ +Monday+30th+September+2019 04436 Powderbark Rosina

IMG 5723 crop email Powderbark Rosina

IMG 5618 crop email Powderbark Rosina

Rosina as a yearling:

IMG 9305 crop email Powderbark Rosina

IMG 9157 email Powderbark Rosina

Rosina as a foal:

IMG 2689 crop email Powderbark Rosina