Powderbark Fintan

Fintan Nov19 web Powderbark Fintan
2017 Connemara Sporthorse Gelding
Glenormiston Dundrum x Impressique
(SOD Dr Johnson (USA))
15.3-16hh est – Buckskin (Ee, A_, nCr)
Registered APSB 79579 PC; DA BF0403

Fintan SireDamSOD Powderbark Fintan

L-R: Glenormiston Dundrum (Sire), Impressique (Dam), Dr Johnson (SOD)

Fintan is a spectacular Connemara x Thoroughbred Sporthorse who is charismatic, attractive and correct. He has excellent potential as an eventer or showjumper and from a foal has succeeded in hand at large breed shows. Fintan was being run on as a potential stallion having all the attributes we are asked for in our partbred Connemara Sporthorses, but we don’t have the capacity for four stallions (having recently purchased Sternbergs Lenaro (IMP Ger)) so he is being sold as a gelding. Fintan is well socialised in a herd, loves people and is bold, enjoying new experiences, and should mature approximately 16hh.

Fintan Royal 2yo web Powderbark Fintan

Fintan Royal 2yo web 2 Powderbark Fintan

Fintan 3.5months web Powderbark Fintan

Fintan Royal yearling web 2 Powderbark Fintan

Fintan Royal yearling web Powderbark Fintan

Fintan at 1 day old with his dam:

Fintan 1day web Powderbark Fintan